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Korean Wholesale Brands: A Comprehensive Guide to the Industry

Korean Wholesale Brands: A Comprehensive Guide to the Industry

Are you interested in the wholesale clothing industry and want to learn more about Korean wholesale brands? In this guide, we will provide you with an overview of the industry and the unique approach of Dongdaemun wholesale brands.

What is Wholesale Clothing?

Wholesale clothing involves the production and sale of clothing items in large quantities. These items are typically sold to online shopping malls or physical clothing stores.

Unique Approach of Dongdaemun Wholesale Brands

Dongdaemun wholesale brands release 5-10 new styles of clothing items every week, with each new style coming with a certain amount of stock. The initial stock of each item usually ranges from 100-200 pieces, which is sold as a sample order. Once the initial stock runs out, clients place additional orders, and popular items can quickly go out of stock.

Sample Purchases and Custom Orders

Wholesale clothing purchases are typically divided into two categories: sample purchases and custom orders. Most items sold in Dongdaemun Wholesale are manufactured in one size, except for bottoms. Clients typically purchase one size as a sample and then decide whether to place a large custom order based on the sales volume of the sample size or the customer’s request.

Seasons for Wholesale Clothing

The seasons for wholesale clothing are divided into four categories: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. These categories are determined based on the Korean seasons and are divided into two main seasons: SS (Spring/Summer) and AW (Autumn/Winter). The SS season begins in January and February after the Lunar New Year holiday in Korea, while the AW season starts in the third week of August after the summer holiday. The spring season runs from January to February, the summer season from March to April, the autumn season starts in the third week of August, and the winter season begins in mid-October.

Buying Habits of Clients

In Asia, most clients purchase one size in bulk and then sell it, while clients in the Middle East, Europe, and the US tend to buy samples and customize the size.

In conclusion, Korean wholesale brands have a unique approach to the industry, with Dongdaemun wholesale brands releasing new styles every week and offering sample purchases and custom orders. The buying habits of clients also vary by region. By understanding the industry and the approach of Korean wholesale brands, you can make informed decisions about purchasing wholesale clothing items.


Mar 23 2023


Notice of Delay in Picking-up of PAPERMOON Items

Tops and Bottoms: delayed by approximately 4 weeks

Outerwear: delayed by over a month

*due to PAPERMOON’s factory issues