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Different points between and
  • Only available to buy over 2 pieces per item
  • Shipping fee is not charged before packaging
  • Discount system
  • Customised Client-Assistant Service
Shipping Methods

Post Office EMS and UPS are simultaneously used.

  • Delivery is between 7 to 14 days after shipping depending on shipping company and COVID-19 regulations
  • Clients are advised to check shipping status by order tracking or Client Service Center
  • Depending on situation at the arrival destination, customs clearance may incur additional costs. Local customs clearance costs are borne by the client.
Box Dimensions
No.WidthLengthHeightVolume Weight
How to pay shipping cost

 The fee is charged after item packaging and EMS cost calculation. We will notify you via email how to make the Paypal payment or Credit / Debit Card

The reasons Why we charge shipping fee after packaging

  • Delivery Courier charges Covid-19 Special Price each 1kg and a fee based on a box volume. (EMS, FedEx, DHL, UPS)
  • We are not possible to calculate a shipping fee by product’s weight due to a box volume may change by product’s volume.
Discount rules & Customised discount

Discount rule

  • Bank transfer (0% Handling Fee)
  • Extra 1% OFF over $2,000
  • Extra 2% OFF over $5,000
  • Extra 3% OFF over $10,000

Discount By Membership grade


  • 4% off : Total orders over $3,000
  • 5% off: Total orders over $10,000

Customised Discount

  • Please contact us about Customised discount option (Subject to order amount and order frequency)
Exchange, Refund & Credit note

For the following reasons, contact the CS Centre within 48 hours of item invoice to proceed with the refund or exchange procedure.

  • Insufficient inventory: If items are out if stock, paid amount will be refunded
  • Order mismatch: If received items are different from ordered items, exchange is available. Refund option is also possible based on item amount.

In case of you select Inspection option

  • Commodity Abnormalities: If there is an issue with the items during the inspection process, we will notify you and offer exchange.
  • Item issue upon delivery: If there is a defect or any quality-related complaint, we will process a refund.

Exchange and return

  • Exchange and return shipping fee is charged in case inspection fee is excluded from the order
  • Exchange and returns are free of charge if inspection fee is included in the order

Refund policy

  • Option 1 : 4.3%  service fee charge of total order amount (throgh PayPal)
  • Option 2: Refunded amount can be deposited and used for future purchase including product purchase, shipping fee or inspection fee

Delayed and sold out items

  • Delayed items cancelled by customer are not refunded. Refund amount is used as a credit amount or reduced shipping fee.
  • In case of sold out item in order, item amount is used as a credit note or deducted from shipping fee.
How to order Previous season item

It is possible to order previous season item upon “order-made” request
Please contact us about the required products

How to remove labels on clothes

•Label and tag removal is available upon “custom-made” request.
•Subject to vendor and amount requested

Please contact us before purchase for more details

What is 'custom-order'

Order can be made in case a product is out of stock or from previous season

Minimum product amount for purchase may vary due to different brands

  • Typically 10-30 pieces per item (subject to brand policy)
  • Jeans can be purchased only if the amount is over 70 pairs