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All of PAPERMOON's products are experiencing delays of over 4 weeks DHL available since Apr 15 2024 Shipping Methods for EU only available with UPS, DHL since May 7

Custom Orders in Wholesale Fashion

Your Gateway to Exclusive Custom-Order in Wholesale Fashion from Dongdaemun Fashion District

Understanding Custom-orders in Wholesale Fashion

What are Custom-orders?​

Custom-order refers to the process of requesting the manufacture of clothing products from the manufacturing brand when the desired product is out of stock, or when changes in color, size, or White Labeling or Private Labeling are desired.

Why Are Custom-Orders Required?

This method is primarily used when a product is sold out and can no longer be ordered. It is required for Custom-Order when the product is off-season or when the wholesale brand does not receive orders from their clients, and they decide not to produce any more items, even if it is for the new season, after the initial batch.

When you place a regular order, we check the stock for all the products in your order. If there are any items that are out of stock, we will notify you via email or Whatsapp. If you wish, we can then check the minimum order quantity for the out-of-stock items with the respective brand and inform you.

How Custom-Orders works in Wholesale Fashion​

Re-Produce Out of Stock Item

If the clothing or accessory products you want to order are sold out and there is no need to customize the color or size, a Custom-order for the reproduction of the respective products through the brand is carried out. At this time, the Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) are as follows: T-shirts 10-20+, Sweatshirts 30-40+, Knitwear 40-50+, Pants 10-20+, Denim jeans 100+, Jackets 20+, Coats 60-80+. The MOQ varies by brand’s policy and category.

Colour Customisation​

In the case of color customization, we obtain the color swatches for the specific product from the brand and send them to you either by shipping or through photographs. Once you select a color from the swatches and decide to proceed with production in that color in consultation with the brand, we will check the MOQ and provide you with a product link, through which you can place your order.

Size Customisation

In the case of size customization, it’s necessary to consult with us on whether the brand will create sizes arbitrarily (such as dividing a One Size product into XS, S, M, etc.) or will produce sizes according to your requirements.

Customization of detailed measurements such as the length, waist, and chest size of the product is also possible.

White Labeling

White Labeling refers to exclusive products. It’s an option where a brand’s products are exclusively contracted, preventing the wholesale brand from selling the products to other retailers. The MOQ required for this is different from the MOQ required for other Custom-Order options. For example, under the condition of not selling a brand’s specific products to other retailers in your country, the brand can require a minimum order amount of $30,000 per month for those specific products. (Conditions vary according to each brand’s policy.)

Private Labeling

Private Labeling means attaching your brand label to the products when proceeding with Custom-order. The private labeling service we provide does not have an MOQ but incurs an extra charge per piece. In contrast, private labeling through a brand is determined by MOQ, and no additional costs are incurred. (This custom-order option can only proceed if you send your brand labels to us or have them made through us, and they are stored in our warehouse.)

Fully designed your own item

Fully designing your own item is an option where your products are directly produced and ordered through clothing factories in Korea or China when you design and provide us with a sample. A sample of the specific item must be provided, and production quantities must be discussed and agreed upon with us.

Timeline and delivery expectations

The production period for Custom-Order usually takes 1 to 2 weeks. (There is significant variation depending on the brand. For example, in the case of Papermoon, it takes more than 4 weeks.)

Getting Started with Custom Order

Proceeding with Custom-Order must always be done through communication with us.

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