All of PAPERMOON's products are experiencing delays of over 4 weeks DHL available since Apr 15 2024 Shipping Methods for EU only available with UPS, DHL since May 7
All of PAPERMOON's products are experiencing delays of over 4 weeks DHL available since Apr 15 2024 Shipping Methods for EU only available with UPS, DHL since May 7

How to start

Each step can be explored in more detail below.

01. Sign up

Welcome! Retailers, sign up with your details to explore our products and begin your wholesale journey.

02. Reveiw Account

Ensure your VAT, license, and shop details are correct for approval; review takes 6-12 hours for B2B.

03. Shopping

Explore our range, add items to cart with a 2pcs/item MOQ, and get support if needed.

04. Payment

Select Credit Card, PayPal, or Bank Transfer and apply codes for easy checkout.

05. Processing

After ordering, pickup from brands varies by your wait-time option, taking 1-4 weeks, based on checkout choices.

06. Shipping

Once items are picked up, we bill for shipping: EMS (1-2 weeks), UPS (within 1 week), DHL (3-4 days) based on choice.

07. Custom Clearance

Customs and VAT vary by country. With a Certificate of Origin (EU only), custom-duty is waived. Our prices exclude VAT.

No, it’s not possible. apM MUST serves as an intermediary agent delivering Korean wholesale fashion to fashion retailers across the globe. As all our products are presented at wholesale prices, individual consumers cannot become business partners on our platform.

Even for startups, registration is possible with a business license. You may join under a Temporary tier, and within a month of joining, we may request website or showroom photos. If it’s deemed that the business is not proceeding, your account approval may be denied.

If you don’t enter a website URL upon registration, we’ll require photos of your showroom and verify that the showroom’s name matches the name on your business license. Additional documentation may be requested during this process.

If your country isn’t available in the country selection list during sign-up, please contact our CS Team. We need to verify if shipping to your country is possible.

Yes, you can join. However, please contact us before registering.

If your account has been deactivated, it can be reactivated to a Temporary tier upon your request. However, if there are no orders within 1 month after reactivation, it will be deactivated again. After 3 deactivations, the account will be permanently disabled, and you cannot re-register with the same business license.

The approval time varies by country and the information provided but typically takes between 6 to 24 hours. Once approved, you will be notified via email.

If your account registration was denied, it’s likely because we couldn’t verify that your business is related to fashion retail or we didn’t receive enough information. In this case, please contact our CS Team. Additional information may be requested.

Typically, Korean fashion wholesale brands launch their SS (Spring/Summer) season products between January and February, right after the Lunar New Year. The AW (Autumn/Winter) season products are usually released in mid-August.

Our policy, in line with Korea’s wholesale market rules, requires a minimum purchase of 2 pieces per item. This aligns with the B2B wholesale ethos and our practice of not selling to individual consumers.

Yes, you can purchase one item of various products from specific brands. However, this is subject to each brand’s policy, so please contact our CS Team first.

Stock StatusOn the product page, use the STOCK STATUS filter menu and uncheck “Show On Going” to view all sold-out products.

To order sold-out products, you must place a “Custom-Order” with required MOQs: T-shirts 10-20+, Sweatshirts 30-40+, Knitwear 40-50+, Pants 10-20+, Denim jeans 100+, Jackets 20+, Coats 60-80+. MOQ varies by brand, so contact our CS Team first.

For more details, please refer to Click here.

Label change can be done in two ways. The first is through the brand via a ‘Custom-Order,’ which requires an MOQ. The second is through our service at apM MUST without an MOQ but requires an extra cost of $4 per piece.

Yes, we can. The MOQ for label production is 3000 pieces, with prices ranging from USD 150-250, varying by material and size. You’ll need to design the label and provide us with the design file in Adobe Illustrator format. However, many of our clients prefer to produce labels through platforms like Alibaba and send them to us due to cost and MOQ considerations.

Currently, we accept Credit Card, PayPal, and Bank Transfer (SWIFT). We plan to support WeChat Pay and cryptocurrency payments in the future. For Russian clients, payment is only possible via Bank Transfer, with deposits accepted into our Tinkoff account.

Bank Transfer is available only for specific customer membership tiers, and the exact order amount must be received by us. You are responsible for all intermediary bank fees. If Bank Transfer is not an option for your membership tier, please contact our CS Team.

Yes, the credit card fee varies by membership tier. However, PayPal fees are uniform across all membership tiers.

Yes, you can. However, payments in Korean currency are only possible through Bank Transfer. Please contact our CS Team first.

As the official agent for apM mall, we don’t always receive real-time stock information from all brands. This situation is characteristic of the Korean fashion wholesale policy, where brands do not share their inventory status with any agencies. It’s nearly impossible to maintain accurate stock information due to the sheer volume of products each brand handles, often exceeding 200 new items monthly, and the constantly changing nature of the market inventory.

Korean wholesale fashion brands typically launch about 10 new items weekly, initially producing 30-50 pieces each. This limited quantity serves to gauge interest for further custom orders. If this initial stock depletes, replenishing it may take time or might not occur if there’s no demand. In such cases, orders can still be made through custom orders, albeit with a higher MOQ required.

If a product’s initial or additional stock runs out but more production is planned, wholesale brands won’t mark it as sold out. The time until this restock is completed is termed the delay period, during which we wait to pick up the products from the brands. Therefore, you must choose how long you’re willing to wait at checkout. While a 2-week wait is generally recommended, certain brands (like PAPERMOON) may require more than 4 weeks for all their items.

If you paid via PayPal, the refund (excluding any PayPal surcharge) is processed through PayPal. For other payment methods, a Credit Note is issued, which can be used for future orders or shipping costs.

For more details, please refer to [link].

Absolutely. Typically, if a product is canceled, we notify you through the contact method you provided and inquire if you wish to replace it with another product.

We currently offer EMS, UPS, and DHL. If you prefer to use your contracted shipping company, you can select this option at the checkout page.

At checkout, simply select the option to use your contracted shipping company. Once we’ve completed picking up all items from the brands, we will provide you with the box weight and dimensions for your order. You will then need to arrange shipping with your contracted carrier and have them pick up the box from our warehouse address.

Yes, you can, but only after we have picked up all your ordered items and completed the box packaging. You may pick up part of your order, but you must contact us in advance.

We handle over 500,000 products, and brands do not provide the weight for each item. Even if weights were provided, shipping companies charge based on the box’s volumetric weight or actual weight post-Covid-19, making it impossible to accurately calculate shipping costs before packaging. For example, while a puff jacket or coat may actually weigh 700g, its volumetric weight could be measured over 2kg.

Yes, it’s possible to reduce the value on the shipping export invoice, but this means a Certificate of Origin cannot be attached, and also, shipping via DHL will not be an option.

We are currently preparing this information. Please contact our CS Team first.

Currently, we can only attach C/O documents for EU countries and a few other nations.